The 5-Step Recipe for Total Audience Engagement


You have the perfect idea for creating a riveting online course. That’s not the problem. The problem is we live in a world where people have access to a phenomenal amount of information. So how do you come up with something original that piques their interest and keeps them engaged to the end so they’ll bite on your call to action? My solution? Follow this 5-step recipe for total audience engagement:

  1. Structure Your Content

Provide your audience with everything they need in one place. Give them a simple sequence to follow so they know where they’re headed, and what they’ll discover next. Then offer them as much information as they need for that part of their journey, and lead them to the next adventure.

  1. Add Interest with Multimedia

We like the interactive toys and tools we’ve become used to. Playing video games, posting Facebook updates, pinning, and tweeting, have us hooked. Why not incorporate that love of interactive media into the learning experience? Hold their interest with:

  • Succinct blog posts
  • Short videos
  • Poll questions
  • Mini-assignments
  • Blog forums
  1. Bestow a Sense of Accomplishment

Reward your audience quickly and frequently. We love video games, but why? Part of the attraction is video games begin with a challenge we have to master. The tools we’re given allow us to conquer the challenge. Mastering the tools is a reward in itself. We repeat this master/conquer sequence until we finish the game. So promise your audience a similar experience, and deliver it by:

  • Making a promise of something specific early on using effective visual illustrations
  • Gamifying the content with challenges to master
  • Providing bonuses like quizzes and polls so they can validate their experience and compare themselves with their peers
  1. Instill a Sense of Community

Community is just as important in our online experiences as it is in our human experiences. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest provide us with validation and forums to express our opinions. Do the same for your audience. Empathize with them, and allow them to comment honestly on your offering with focused discussion areas.

  1. Spice It up with the Three “I’s”

Keep it informal, informative, and infectious. It’s easy: Deliver your information with an empathetic and conversational tone, pepper it with illustrative visuals, and inject it with iappropriate moments of humour. Learning can be fun; be the one to prove it.

Sequencing your content, delivering it with bite-size pieces of multimedia, providing frequent rewards, instilling a sense of community in your audience, and keeping your content informal, informative, and infectious all on one platform will result in an online learning experience that will hook your audience, and keep them captivated to the end.



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