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The term “millennials” gets tossed around as often as a Frisbee on a warm summer day. But who are the millennials? The children of baby boomers, millennials came of age in the 2000s amidst the rise of digital technology and mass media. Because of this, they have specific eLearning needs. And with 65 percent of them citing training as the most influential factor in choosing their current job, we’d better make sure we address those needs. Siminars is the perfect platform for delivering eLearning to millennials because it was designed with them in mind.

Four Key Elements

There are four elements necessary for successfully delivering eLearning to millennials: Your content must be social, gamified, quick & to the point, and mobile. Here’s how Siminars can help you on all fronts:

Social: Millennials are social beings. They were born into social media, and are used to sharing their thoughts and feelings on social media platforms. As such, Siminars:

  • Provides solutions to specific problems. When students are engaged in a Siminar, they’re connected through the common goal of finding that solution.
  • Encourages two-way discourse with focused discussion areas, solicits comments by asking questions, and provides forums through polls. These features allow students to provide feedback, and, in turn, discover how their peers are affected by the material.
  • Prompts students to share their feelings about the material on social media platforms giving them a wider audience.

Gamification: Millennials were raised with, some say by, video games. They grew up trying to achieve specific goals like conquering various levels, and receiving high scores or badges for their trouble. They expect challenges and rewards. So, Siminars:

  • Is designed so students click through items and steps for their content. The process emulates progressing through a video game.
  • Positions progress bars at the end of each item to allow for discussion, questions, and comments on how students are doing.
  • Is designed so questions and quizzes are placed at crucial points in each step to provide challenges.
  • Provides rewards in the form of skills and insights each time a challenge is concluded.

Quick and to-the-point: Millennials crave short-term goals so information needs to be delivered in short sequential chunks through a variety of media. To make this easy, Siminars:

  • Delivers bite-sized pieces of information in the form of items and steps. When the information from one item gets digested, the participant goes on to the next.
  • Lets you deliver the content as short blog posts, short videos, and mini-assignments. Mixed media enhances the material and makes it more palatable.

Mobile: With over half of all millennials owning a smartphone, mLearning is crucial. So, Siminars’:

  • Format of delivering content with mixed media, and in small portions, is suited to mobile devices.
  • Interactive nature makes it perfect for mLearning.

Millennials are goal-oriented and value training. In order to successfully meet their eLearning needs, you must make your course social, gamify it, deliver content in short bites with mixed media, and design it for mobile devices. Siminars has all these elements covered making it the perfect platform for delivering eLearning to millennials.

Look at Siminars plans and see which one is best for you.

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