The Power of Online Communities & How to Tap Into Them


Building and strengthening your community online isn’t just a smart plan–it’s the plan that is going to help your business grow, gain traction, and actually reach out to different online users. If you’re looking to tap into a pool of interest based groups or want to establish yourself as an expert, you should really invest time in exploring the following online communities.

The Reddit Fold

It seems as though everyone has heard of Reddit these days, and it isn’t always in a positive light. While there are a number of different communities on Reddit that aren’t as savory, that can be said for every single aspect of the Internet. Reddit’s communities have just as much potential as any other online community, and that means that making use of their groups and their outreach potential can ultimately boost a business to new heights, or, as needed, spread the word to find new employees or testers for whatever project is under current scrutiny.

In a nutshell, Reddit is an entertainment and social networking news website. It requires that users are registered community members in order to submit their content, and actually communicate with other members. Fortunately, this process cuts down on the active number of spammers, which is the unfortunate caveat of using other sites that allow for anonymous users. One of the most enjoyed features of Reddit is the ability to vote ‘up’ or ‘down’ on posts, determining their position on the site’s pages. This allows for creditials among users to be measured amongst these votes, and it can help promote posts in a novel manner.

Reddit is organized by communities called ‘subreddits’, which are basically just communities of personal interest. These communities can be targeted for maximum promotional ability, and they can be used as a way to communicate with different members to connect, build, and otherwise bounce ideas off of. Overall, this does make Reddit a very viable choice for those that are actually looking to start up something new and exciting. Their easy posting format and sign-up process can welcome even newbies online, and with the help of additional Siminars courses, becoming a Reddit expert of sorts takes very little time to none.

Joining Forces with Facebook Groups

Everyone knows Facebook. Having over 1.23 billion active users a month, it’s not a surprise to see that this is one the most visited platforms on the world wide web. Facebook created Groups as a place for people with similar interests to engage with each other. It is a dedicated space for a user and their invited connections to congregate. These groups make it very easy to connect and share ideas, updates, photos, or message one another. Combine this a bit of access control and content visibility protection and you have a perfect forum for your course.

Building a group on Facebook is incredibly easy. And the outreach of groups can’t be underestimated. Being able to create interest based groups and inviting users to be a part can create a powerful set of people with similar interests. But again, your content is what will eventually drive interactions within the group. The challenge is to not sound like you’re selling something and generating the right kind of content to engage your users with.

In a better-case scenario, where you already have a good number of users for your course, you could set up a Facebook group for all of them. Drive interactions, engage users with questions and polls, post updates of your courses – there’s virtually no limit to the use cases of building a Facebook group around your users!

What is LinkedIn, Anyway?

For those that are thoroughly immersed into business-centric social media, LinkedIn should be the go-to social platform. With our own businesses, it’s easy to learn, easy to connect to both clients and business associates alike, and that makes LinkedIn an ideal choice for anyone that is looking to thoroughly expand online in the future. With its organizational capabilities, we’ve found it very easy to master, and very easy to use when it comes to professional networking in general.

Professional coaches, corporate trainers and all those involved with professional teaching should try and create a strong profile on LinkedIn. This is where your target audience will be able to find you and connect with you. Recommendations from previous business associates goes a long way in shaping your image in front of new, prospective clients. Maybe even share links to some sample courses. Networking via LinkedIn has made it possible to virtually connect with anyone on this planet, and using this tool actively could grow your business a lot faster.

The Mysterious Quora

While many users online might have seen Quora around, it isn’t always something that is immediately discussed or thought of when it comes to social networking. This is because Quora is based on questions and answers, akin to Yahoo Answers. While it isn’t something that an every day user might want to turn to, it can pop up quite commonly in Google searches, and that means that the community is strong, thriving, and shouldn’t be ignored for other opportunities.

Being based on a QnA format, building a following on Quora can be a little tricky. Basic idea is to signup via one of your social media accounts or using your email and ask or answer questions. How does this help? Well, Quora works on community voting system, which means that people can upvote or downvote your answers. More the number of upvotes you aggregate – more are the chances of your answers getting noticed. This is where you get to show off your knowledge!

Try to refrain from creating generic answers and pasting them against all the relevant questions. Also try to refrain from pasting links to your courses on Siminars unless the context asks for it. It’s very easy to amass a negative reputation on Quora. Answer the questions genuinely and soon enough you’ll find yourself hooked onto this brilliant community. This might not directly affect sales, but it’ll surely play a role in establishing you as a thought leader and expert in your subject!


Obviously, these online communities are all extremely viable ways to reach out to users. The only thing that drives these communities is good content. And generating good content takes time and patience. You should not expect direct affect on sales via your efforts on these platforms but it goes a long way in establishing your identity as an expert. And who doesn’t want to learn from the best in the business!

If you don’t already have your course on Siminars, you might want to start now!

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