3 Reasons Storytelling Works! (Blog 1 of 3 on student centered learning)

Here at Siminars, we believe student-centered learning is the best way to deliver your online course. Why? Because it targets the interests of the student, and personalizes the learning experience. The three aspects we’ve incorporated into student-centered learning are:

Together, they create a learning experience that immerses students in your idea so they come away from it changed This is the first blog in a series of three that focuses on student-centered learning. In it we’re going to look at the benefits of storytelling.


Everyone loves a story.

Well, usually. Like most things, a good story contains certain elements that make it work. An intriguing idea, tension, and the overcoming of challenges. When these things come together, the reader is hooked and becomes immersed in the story. What does this have to do with learning?

  • Storytelling Helps Us Remember
  • Storytelling Makes Us Heroes
  • Storytelling Changes Us

Storytelling Helps Us Remember

Stories are the fabric of our lives. They take us on adventures we may not otherwise have. Telling stories helps us get our point across. And we have a particular memory for them; elements stick with us for years. Why not captivate your students the same way? Begin with a potential-filled idea and dramatize it. Know before you start what it is your idea will do for your student:

  • Will it change them?
  • Will it disrupt their status quo?
  • Will it solve a problem?

Once you know, present it in a way that resonates with your student so it stays with them.

Storytelling Makes Us Heroes

I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of being the hero of my own personal story. It doesn’t happen often. When it does, it has a strong impact. As the instructor, you become a mentor guiding the student through a personalized learning journey. Your student:

  • Becomes the hero, experiencing upsets and challenges of your making
  • Learns to master skills to conquer each challenge, preparing them for the next one
  • Like a true hero, receives the ultimate benefit of their experience at the end of their quest

Storytelling Changes Us

Your student has come to you for a particular reason:

  • They have a problem they’d like you to help them solve
  • They have a question they’d like you to answer
  • They’ve had an upset in their life, and they want help dealing with it

By involving the student through storytelling, you’re guiding them through meaningful change so they see things differently at the end from the beginning. The student’s perception will have changed, they’ll have learned something new about themselves, and they’ll have experienced your message in a way that makes their lives more fulfilling.

Storytelling heightens your student’s understanding of your idea. By immersing your student in the epic journey you’ve set out for them, they’ll emerge at the other end changed in a way that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.


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