Two Part Exercise To Kickstart Your Course Creation

“Where do I start with.” Okay, so you have an idea for your online course, have done your fair bit of research and are ready to plunge into the world on online teaching. Kudos to the enthusiasm! You open your computer and crack your knuckles, roaring to get started. Login to your favourite teaching platform and […]

Siminars Spotlight: One Assumption that Steals the Truth of Your Dreams by Dr. Len Worley

This is the first blog in a series featuring our Siminars. Dr. Len Worley, psychologist, therapist, and dream worker believes your dreams are trying to help you. All you need to do to find their hidden meaning is look at dreams in a new light. By following the methods he outlines in his Siminar, One Assumption […]

The Power of Online Communities & How to Tap Into Them

Building and strengthening your community online isn’t just a smart plan–it’s the plan that is going to help your business grow, gain traction, and actually reach out to different online users. If you’re looking to tap into a pool of interest based groups or want to establish yourself as an expert, you should really invest time in exploring […]

The 5-Step Recipe for Total Audience Engagement

You have the perfect idea for creating a riveting online course. That’s not the problem. The problem is we live in a world where people have access to a phenomenal amount of information. So how do you come up with something original that piques their interest and keeps them engaged to the end so they’ll […]