Why Employee Training Is Crucial For Your Growth

“There are only two ways in which a manager can impact an employee’s output: motivation and training. If you are not training then you are neglecting half the job. Andy Grove

Time and again, industry leaders have emphasized the value of employee training and why wouldn’t they? As Henry Ford rightfully said  “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”

Even employees are becoming increasingly vocal than seeking professional growth and informative training opportunities within their company.  . According to a Linkedin report, about 94 percent of people agree that they would stay with a company for longer if they were offered a supportive learning environment and relevant employee training. The reason is simple: 74% of the employees don’t believe they are working at full potential because they link their growth and performance in a company with the training they receive. 

Employee training can take your business to greater heights and here are a few reasons why:

How Employee Training Can Boost Your Business

Better Performance At Work

Who doesn’t hire the best, most qualified talent for work?  However, as time goes by, your company will upgrade to newer, better technologies or work processes that even your most dedicated employee will struggle with. Without adequate guidance and learning opportunities, you will end up with an unproductive workforce.

Organizations that invest in employee training results in 37% higher productivity rate and 21% income increase 

Helping your employees learn and grow should be one of  the primary focuses of your company. By offering educational workshops, online training, and one-on-one interactive sessions, you can encourage your employees to gain further knowledge in their areas of interest. Investing in more learning initiatives means that your team can acquire new skills that are industry-relevant, which not only boosts their professional port but also ensures higher performance at work. Win-win for everyone, right?

An ideal training program provides a fresher perspective on the responsibilities and goals of every employee, so your teams can collaborate effectively to help you reach the top.  

Higher Profitability 

According to Gallup research,  highly engaged teams result in a 21% increase in profitability. Often,  both your new employees and veteran employees start feeling the burden of monotony, and feel less valuable to the organization.

An appropriate training program during this time gives them a sense of a purpose—to practice what they already know or to learn something new. You can also allow space for meaningful discussion, and exchange of ideas, where people can congregate after finishing certain sections of the employee training. 

By creating a supportive learning environment for your employees, you’re engaging with them on a more personal level than you realize. You’re showing them that you care about their professional well-being, and are committed to undertaking specific initiatives to support their progress.

Remember, happy, healthy employees are more productive and perform bettermaking them instrumental to your bottom-line.  

Address Their Shortcomings

It’s not uncommon for employees to deal with issues with staying motivated, communicating with clients, or dealing with a project change. The signs of struggle are usually pretty clear: Are they dependent  on  colleagues to get their basic work done? Do they constantly require  more supervision or follow-ups (compared to before)? Have they become a silent participant in team meetings?

Sometimes, people just need a nudge in the right direction to realize their capabilities. By offering them training that is specific to the problems they’re facing, you can easily help out employees that are stuck in a rut. For example,  compilation of some  domain-related guides, thought leadership advice  from your experienced veteran employees, case studies can highlight tricks and techniques to tackle niche issues that otherwise might be difficult to resolve.

All the aforementioned training addresses your employees’ shortcomings in an encouraging manner,   and empowers them to bring their best to the table every single day. 

Consistency In Learning

An exhaustive training program provides your employees with detailed information on every topic. It includes information on every role, responsibilities, and objectives. Along with the company’s policies, procedures to educate them on expectations, visions within the organization.

The provision of common training for interconnecting roles and common tasks makes learning convenient. All the employees in the team understand each other’s roles and responsibilities, share the work, and progress together towards a common goal. 

For instance, all your developers, development, and operations team members follow a standard code testing procedure, there is consistency in the process. Since the same procedure is followed by everyone involved. It reduces the chance of errors in the process and consistency in the outcome.

Employees Progress Report

Creating a training program not only involves compiling all the necessary information for your team but above all keeping a check on their progress.

Their progress report has two major benefits. Firstly, it will give you an idea of whether or not your employees are taking these training sessions. And if they are, how well are they putting their learning into action. Around 96% of employees say they want to hear feedback. So, in an employee training program, you can include as many. The employee report can also come handy during their appraisals and promotions. 

Secondly, it will highlight the engaging and not so engaging elements of your training program. For example, maybe your employees are spending more time on case studies than learning other topics.  It gives you feedback on what sections of the training program can be improved. 

Employee Retention And Growth

You invest your energy, time, and money in making a product to achieve certain business goals. So after investing so much on product development, you must have the same energy when hiring and training your employees at work. 

With your commitment to their personal growth, they feel more valued.  They enjoy the work and utilize their job role to give the best results. Employees also see the training as an additional company benefit. 

In return for your investment, you get to keep a talented employee to your business family. And after your employees have finally turned into experts, you can hire them from within the organization for higher roles. It saves you the recruiting cost and time in the future.

Happy Employees Make Happy Customers

The journey of your employees from undergoing a training process to becoming an expert stops only at one destination- your business growth. We have already established that your employees are more productive after the training which leads them to form a strong team. But are they ready to make happy customers? Their new confidence gained out of training helps them to interact more with their customers. Build a relationship with them. And ensure a positive customer experience. 

For example, if your sales team member has the required knowledge about a product but lacks communication skills, how will he convince the customer to buy the product? While after polishing his communication skills in soft skills training. He would be better at pitching, interacting, and handling the customers and critical issues.

He will not just explain the product well to the customer, but ensure that he is convinced. And a relationship between the customer and product is built. 

According to a report by Gallup, all the organizations with happier employees show 147% higher earning per share as compared to their competitors. So, nothing’s stopping your business growth. 

In The End

The employee training program is the best opportunity for your workforce to become the best version of their roles. By training your employees you are telling them that you value them. Their personal growth matters to you. This drives them to work efficiently.

With the amount of workload on both you and your employees at work, traditional training methods could be an add on. But, online training to your rescue! Allowing you the flexibility of time and effort. While you can create a training program at your convenience, your employees will learn at their own pace.

If you are looking for an effective technique on how to conduct your training program, the Siminars can make it possible. It is a good tool for creating online modules. Here is a quick guide from Siminars for a head start.