How Your Course Outline Titles Help Sell Your Content

You’ve finished writing the perfect course to share your big idea. And you’ve given it a killer headline that will look amazing on the Siminars platform. You’re sure it will attract lots of attention. But what about your outline titles? You spent a little time with them while filling in each step and item, but are they really as important as the course title? Yes, they are, and here’s why.

Outline Titles Are Marketing Tools

Your course landing page is where you begin branding and selling your idea. It’s where prospective students come to decide whether or not you have what it takes to give them what they want. Because they appear on the landing page, each one must define the step and item it represents. Together, they must provide an accurate sense of what the whole course covers. This is your big chance to advertise your expertise. Don’t blow it with weak outline titles that make you look like an amateur.

Titles In Your Outline Are Your Table of Contents

Within the Siminars platform, students can access the outline as a stand-alone item. They may do this to refresh their memory and remind themselves of what the course covers. Or they may do it to see what direction they’ll be going in. In this case, they act in much the same way as chapter listings in a table of contents. If you want people to dive into your content with all the eagerness they dive into a good book, provide them with a strong and inviting guide.

They Are Teasers

Once the student is in the course, the outline titles appear on the right-hand side of the platform. They’ll either read them as a whole within each step, or they’ll read them as they go from one item to the next. Right-hand side titles alert the student to what comes next, heightening their interest so they want to continue. Like movie trailers, outline titles are enticing teasers for what is yet to come.

They are an important part of selling your course content. Without them you’d be missing a crucial part of your marketing component on your landing page, students wouldn’t have an accurate guide to lead them through your course, and there would be nothing to encourage them to go on to the next step. Take as much care with your outline titles as with your course title, and students will be sold on your content.

To help you produce exceptional outline titles, I’m including this infographic from the creative team at QuickSprout who have collated making the perfect title down to a formula:

process for creating outline titles