6 Reasons Why Your Company Should Go For Remote Learning

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.”
-B.B. King 
A special analysis by FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics shows that over the last five years there has been a 44% increase in remote work and remote learning is gaining immense popularity. This is mainly because the efficiency and advancement of employees are of utmost importance to any business in the industry. And remote learning enables you to save money, time, the energy that you have been dedicating to traditional employee training, and further invest in the growth of the business. 

What is Remote Learning?

Remote learning (also called distance learning) does not require employees to attend the in-person training. It provides an opportunity for the employees to learn from their comfort zones. Every employee learns about everything regardless of the location. You also have the provision to share study materials with them so that they can understand the concepts at their best. 

Here we have some reasons for you to prioritize remote learning over traditional learning:

You Spend Less, Save More

Traditional training methods require an investment in training equipment, study materials, etc. For remote learning your investment will be largely on software or two with all the tools included. But you will be able to train 100s of your employees with one training program. All the online courses you create is a one-time investment and can be reused for as long as you want. 

You don’t have to pay subject matter experts for multiple sessions, their travel, or accommodation. Instead, the experts can record a video once, share it with you and that can be circulated to all the employees in your company. The trainer will not be required to schedule multiple training sessions and charge per session. 

While onboarding a new employee you will no more have to spend money on orientation sessions, just share your remote learning program with your new employees, and save on the orientation cost. 

A successful remote training program does not require millions of dollars. You only need an effective training method without having to spend a lot of money. 

It is Time-Saving 

According to a Brandon-Hall study, remote learning requires 40% to 60% less employee time than traditional training methods. Since there is no in-person interaction between the trainer and the employees, the employees don’t need to wait for the trainer to join them.  A lecture or any explanatory video can be recorded and rolled out to every employee in the company whenever you want. 

Employees can finish their tasks, important projects at work instead of spending that time on learning and development during the working hours. They can learn according to their convenience and find a balance between both work and training. 

For eg: If your employees have important clients to meet or have video conferences to attend at the same time the training session is scheduled, how will your employee manage both at the workplace? With the provision of remote learning, he can continue to prioritize his meetings at work and can access the training session online whenever he pleases.  

Remote learning helps your employees to remain productive at work, complete their work without any hurdles, without missing any deadlines.

You get more engagement with Self-Paced Remote Learning 

Remember in school we all learned at a different pace. While some students were good at theoretical learning a lot of students preferred practical study. We all understood the concepts at our own pace. Do you think it’s the same when employees learn? 

Yes, not all employees learn at the same pace. Attending seminars, workshops, training sessions come with strict schedules. You don’t have the opportunity to take your own time to learn, understand the given information.

With remote learning, employees have the opportunity to learn at their own pace without having to follow a strict schedule. The employees can access the training session whenever they want. They also get more time to understand the content, practice, and master the concepts. The availability of study materials allows them to revise the concepts by referring to it more than once, whenever they wish to. They don’t have to wait for their trainers to explain any concepts or answer their questions. 

Learners are also more encouraged to take small online courses than to get engaged in 2-3hrs long in-person training sessions. Online training is always accessible to your employees, on any device, so your employees are left with no reasons to avoid the training process. 

Remote learning gives liberty to the employees to learn at the time they are most comfortable in or when they can concentrate the best. In this way, the employees understand the concepts better and spend more time learning. It empowers your employees to take charge of their learning. 

Variety of Engaging Content

With remote learning, there is more variety in content delivery. Firstly, you have a variety of experts talking to your employees on various topics. Secondly, you can freely include a variety of media presentations. Unlike the traditional method of training your employees, now your expert advice and knowledge can be accompanied by videos, podcasts, group discussions, PowerPoint presentations, etc. altogether this will enhance the learning experience for your employees. 

It is more of a learning package with all the options available to fit every employee’s learning style making your training an effective and efficient one. 

Training and Development increases Employee Retention 

A Linkedin report shows that 94% of employees would stay longer if a company invested in their career.  By helping your employees learn new skills and grow with remote learning you can now keep your employees for longer. Let’s see how. 

Firstly, remote learning makes training hassle-free because it is on your employees’ fingertips all the time.  They don’t have to dedicate a particular time to take the training and can learn whenever they want. Secondly, learning and development programs give everyone a chance to learn and grow. It motivates them to engage in the training program, learn dedicatedly, and deliver better quality work to the organization. This also helps employees grow within the organization in the form of promotions, appraisals, and increases their chances to stay with you for long.   Lastly, learning, and development programs reflect your loyalty towards the employees that they acknowledge and appreciate. 

Remote Learning leads to more Productivity

It is a tricky goal to have productive employees throughout. The executive managers or team leaders try their best to help their employees perform better. But their traditional training classroom experiences are not as engaging but long and boring. 

According to the IBM study, every dollar invested in online training results in $30 in productivity mainly because employees can resume their work faster and apply their skills immediately. 

Remote learning helps to have the flexibility to easily balance your work and training. All the employees want to improve their skill sets and with remote learning, they can do it easily. It gives them a scope to upgrade their existing skills or learn something new and apply their learning at work. 

There are also provisions to test your employees on their progress and evaluate them. This will help your employees to work on their weak points and improve themselves.

In The End

Remote learning helps you overcome all the barriers of distance, time, resources, and training costs that prevent employees from achieving all they can through training. Your employees are the powerhouse of your organization and by training them you benefit your organization the most.  

With remote learning, you turn your average employees to top skilled employees. It is an opportunity to build a reputation of a loyal, caring, employer/brand that you are.  So don’t even pause and stop, go ahead and make your first remote learning program for your workforce with Siminars.